Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Middle of the road music.

Without trying, we've accumulated over 500 music CD's at the Bookmark, which we sell for 5.00 each. Every once in a while, I check them out.

So I'm not going to be judgmental here, everyone has their own taste.  But the selection is the most middle of the road pop you can imagine.  Susan Boyle, Kenny G, Indigo Girls, and on and on.  Not one of them I need to have.

I found an REM album yesterday, a greatest hits Elton John, a Bruce Hornsby, a Willie Nelson standards album, and two Who albums.  (I think the Who CD's where the only ones that rocked in the entire collection, unless you believe Air Supply rocks.)

Anyway, I found it fascinating.  It goes to show, if you will, that our clientele at the Bookmark isn't looking for edgy stuff, apparently.

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