Thursday, May 14, 2015

Here's a little interview I did.

A little interview I did with Ragnarok Publications.!QA-Duncan-McGeary-Author-of-the-Tuskers-Series/caet/553eab1f0cf2adc1acf37d3c

One change since I did the interview.  I don't eat bacon everyday like I joked.  In fact, I don't eat pork at all.  These animals are like three year old children.  Can't face that fact anymore.

Got a note from Tim Marquitz, who is apparently editing Tuskers II (lucky him).  He wondered about the use of the word "spell" for someone relieving someone else for guard duty.  Interesting, because to me this seems like a natural term -- "I'll spell you soon."  My parents came from Minnesota, maybe it's a regionalism? Or maybe I just picked it up from reading.

So an easy fix is the use the word "I'll relieve you soon."  Right.  Except I used the word "relief" in the sentence before. 

Writing is hard.

 I haven't written for several days now, and it feels weird.  Like I'm not doing anything.  I really believe I should give myself a rest, if only for a few weeks, and come back to the whole thing fresh.  My son Todd is getting a Masters in Art later in the month and I'm going to the event and all and that kind of thing is completely nerve-wracking for me -- brings out my agoraphobia big time -- but I need to be there. I feel myself getting nervous weeks in advance.  So going to go do that, and then come back and dedicate myself to writing again.

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