Sunday, January 11, 2009

What? You've never heard a shaggy dog story?

After one week, I can already feel myself slipping into the old routine of working every day. (The first 3 days don't count, they were more part of the Holidays.)

It being January and somewhat slow, it's a good time to ease back into it. It's not like I haven't done it before, though I'm about 8 years older than the last time. But there is something -- confirming -- about it.

I get to see every customer, in all their ways, and figure out more the overall picture. I get to see everything that sells, and why it sells, and when it sells.

I don't have to communicate changes; I just do them.

I'm going to be able to make a few more discount sales than Pat could've. He was authorized to offer a small discount, if he thought it appropriate. I can offer what I think is best for the store, because I know what I paid, and how long it's been around, and if I have multiple copies, and so on.

Plus I ordered them in the first place, so maybe have a bit more knowledge of every item.

I'm getting progressively tired, based on how I feel in the morning. I'll have to keep tabs on that, because I don't want it to go too far. If it does, I'll have to relent and hire a part-timer. But I'm still a ways away from that.

The trick is go at a nice steady pace, try not to get rushed, keep cash in the bank, and think about what I'm ordering just a little bit more.

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