Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama watch.

Anyone else notice how many stories there have been about photographers 'discovering' Obama early on and following him throughout the campaign? 'Theodore H. White's', everyone of them.

Obama must have been a genius at making each of these gaggle think they were special and unique.

Meanwhile, my niece Mattie has been working at restaurant in Obama's Chicago neighborhood, The Medici, and has met him. (Wow, you shook hands with him?) She said, when he first came in, he was alone or with one or two other people. Then, after he became better known, he'd have a security guy sitting in a table over, and then...the whole enchilada.

She says he's a nice guy. Michelle Obama would come in with the two girls, and Mattie said there was no doubt about who was in charge. The two girls would sit up and take notice when Michelle gave them a 'look.'

Reassuring, in a way, that I didn't have to hear an 'arrogance' story, even before he was famous, and that he treats workers with respect.

Poor guy is caught in the spotlight. He'll never eat a quiet meal in a restaurant again. It would be my worst nightmare.

Except for being King. The heck with being a Mayor, I would love to be King, making Kingly decisions.

Just as long as I didn't, you know, have to deal with people.

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Duncan McGeary said...

And yes, Tim, I know "each of these gaggle" doesn't scan....