Saturday, January 10, 2009

There I was, surrounded by lions.

There I was, surrounded by lions.

"What did you do?"

I backed away slowly, with my hands out, non-threatening like.

"How many of them were there?"

There was a big old male, the old lioness, her two younger sisters, and several yearlings. And boy, were they hungry.

"Then what happened?"

Well, I kept backing up until I came to a wall. I realized there was a cave to my right, and I slipped in, hoping they wouldn't follow.

"Did they go in after you?"

They hesitated, but then...the lioness stepped into the cave and the others followed.

"Oh, my gosh. Were you trapped?"

I couldn't see a way out. I could seem them coming toward me in the dim light. Their eyes glowed. I kept retreating. And then....I hit the back of the cave. The Pride surrounded me, and snarled.

"What happened? What happened?"

And....then......and.....then.....THEY ATE ME!


Anonymous said...

Gottschalks employees have been told to quickly cash pending paychecks and to expect a bankruptcy filing as soon as today, the Business Journal has learned.

Didn't Bend just have on of these open. Sorry to spread bad news.

Keeneye said...

I'm guessing you're talking about people looking for the Obama comics...

right? RIGHT?

You ARE okay, right?!??

Yeah, heard about Gottschalks from my mom. She said that they went in to check it out and were one of only two customers during the middle of a Saturday. Ouch.

Quimby said...

Dunc, WTF? I'm dense......

Duncan McGeary said...

Shaggy dog.

Jason said...

You've gone bonkers? I'm so confused ...

dkgoodman said...

Gotta love those old campfire stories. :)

Duncan McGeary said...

They're like 'Grampa' stories. I used to hate them as a kid.

Now....I rather like them.

Absurd, and apt, and pointless.