Saturday, January 24, 2009

Virus Free at Last

I've been struggling with my store computer for weeks.

Which is really unfair, since I haven't once visited a porn site.

I'd come to the store and try to get online, and freeze up, or get waylaid, or .... hell, I don't know what all was happening. It usually would allow me on just long enough to check my usual haunts, but several times I couldn't answer customer questions that I should have been able to access.

One of the great things about a Mom and Pop store is that customers are always willing to help. I've had knowledgeable friends work on it for hours, but the viruses were just too deep. I thought I'd have to have the whole thing scrubbed, or at even replaced with a laptop.

My friend Aaron Leis, who Linda and I have known since he was in high school and we had our Sister's store, came to my rescue.

He brought his own laptop and ran the programs and waved his magic wand, and poof, my computer is a dragon again.

I swore I'd never commercialize this space, but for Aaron, I will. He's incredibly good at it, and he is one of the nicest people I've ever met to boot.

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Meanwhile, neighbor John (Pave) thought it humorous that on the T.V. story on parking downtown that the person holding the camera also worked for Diamond Parking.

Not exactly sure what it signifies -- small world, or conflict of interest?

So now that I've totally 'sold out'; it's back to the bubble.

Apparently, the city will be raising fees to cover the revenue shortfall -- yours and my fees, anyway. Just go ahead and do it, don't drag it out, water and sewage and transportation utility fees. I'll just close my eyes and hold my nose.

Don't bother with putting a gas tax on the ballot. There is no way in hell that would pass.

And that money we spent on lemon buses and fired Juniper promoters, sure would come in handy about now, eh?

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Anonymous said...

I saw that TV story about the downtown parking situation. I don't recall seeing a picture of anyone holding the camera (turned it on himself, Blair Witch Project style?)