Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sat. Sats.

My wife is a pop culture weather vane. A rickety weather vane.

Last night she asked who Adele was...

That's when you know that a pop-culture figure has crossed into the mainstream. Well, maybe a little past mainstream.


Last night, I looked up my first rookie sports card in years. Jeremy Lin.

He was in last year's cards. 2010-2011.

How is that an entire league can miss a player like that? Did he never get any game time before this? Is it a fluke?

Love stories like this, though.


Linda wanted to go see The Descendents, I wanted to go see The Gray.

We're going to see The Artist.


Ah, Yes. Les Schwab.

Ever since Linda was assistant manager at Regal Cinema's, I've had a little saying:

Assistant Manager is just another name for Slavery.


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