Saturday, August 20, 2011

Double your fun.

Downtown finally did it. Two events on one day.

Hey, what's the problem? Why not three events, while you are at it? You know, if one event is good, two events must be better, and three events even better, right?

So during the day we'll have geezers in spandex whizzing around and around our streets like hamsters. Kind of nerve-racking if you are trying to mosey around downtown.

In the other event, we have geezers moseying around downtown, drinking wine and eating cheese. Looking at art, not whizzing geezer hamsters.

I foresee a catastrophe.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

'hamster' is my moniker,

a true hamster is in a cage that is infinite and run's at full speed until he dies of a heart attack,

The bend hamster yes is middle age, ...

2 events in a day? happened many times, but then you always only count what's happening downtown, ...

for the beer culture, this weekend is known as the most events in orygun in 1 day, ... so its not surprising that bend must compete this weekend,

talking about pop-culture, for kids its just like a party, ... not enough to go to one party, must have many, ... same for events not enough for bend marketing pr COTA ... to have one event, must have many

ok, get it?