Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why bellied marmot!

The yellow bellied marmot is decimating my garden. First he ate the pansies, then the daisies, and now the lupines. I don't want to kill the cute little rockchuck, so I dreamed last night that I should buy some netting.

Fortunately, the backyard is nicely fenced and I don't have to worry about deer.


I sell "Anarchy" buttons. Isn't "sell-anarchy" an oxymoron?


"Have you read Dance with Dragons yet?"

"I'm setting it aside like a fine wine. Someday, when I have a couple days that no one can disturb me, I will pop the cork and savor it..."


"I'm going to have Soylent Green crackers for sale. Don't know yet if they are Kosher."

"Are you Jewish?"

"Dude. If I'm willing to eat Soylent Green, does it matter?"


"I'd like to put native wildflowers in my backyard. I'm a native Bendite, so that seems right."

"The neighbors I'm staying with were natives-- who came back after years away..."

"Doesn't count! They left!"


I dreamed all night about a bad comic. That is, a comic I ordered that was the worst thing ever written.

What a waste of dream.

There are bad comics all over the place. (Sturgeon's Law.) Nothing was resolved.


This weekend, I'm collating my surveys sheets for the new DC 52 comics. Then rewriting my subs list, then doing my orders. Throwing in the occasional comic reading session, alternating with gardening.

A test order that is highly preliminary came in at TWICE the usual levels.

Since I can return these comics if they don't sell, the last thing I want to do is underorder.

But it will definitely strain the old cashflow, especially since to extends four months.

What to do? What to do?


Carl said...

Be like a lot of the city slickers who think knapweed and Dalmation Toadflax are native wildflowers and look so cute in their yards. Dimwits!

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green is People.

Anonymous said...

Scrotch-Broom is essential to all Orygun gardening.

Duncan McGeary said...


"It's a cookbook!"

Anonymous said...

I'm reading more&more everyday about 'canniblism' certainly on the list of hysteria.

Perhaps you can make a cannibalism equivalent of Godwins law, such that anybody that invokes cannibalism is a heretic.

The fact is humans really are about 7 days away from cannibalism, and as we know all know, that little critters around Bend aren't that common.

'To serve man', not sure in real an alien would want to eat a human, quite filthy they are, if you had the technology to travel near the speed of light, which would be required to visit this shithole planet, ... why would you come to eat a vile creature like gollum?

I suspect that any organism that has such advanced technology has a diet of synthetic food product, and would be quite repulsed by the notion of consuming earthling's.

"Bend is Soylent Green"

Duncan McGeary said...

The last time an order came in as double, was in 1995, just before the comic crash.

Of course, I didn't have return rights then, and everything was late, and it would be hard to call the level of sales a "bubble."

Still, I think it's dangerous territory.

The tendency is to hope it will be Big Deal, and to not want to miss the boat, and so overorder.

Chances are, it won't really have much effect, and I'll be sitting on piles of comics.

So "returns" are crucial.

Duncan McGeary said...

'It would be hard to call level of sales a bubble."

I mean now. Back then, it was without a doubt a bubble.

Anonymous said...

In summary HBM.

"Starve the Beast", ... 2011 has gone viral, ..

Today its not the 1970s.

Today the whole entire world wants to kill the US dollar, wants to kill the beast. Otherwise everyone will die.

The debt-debate is only a fraud, a cover, for what is to come, between now and October the US will loose the reserve currency status, when that happens printing money will no longer matter, oil will sky-rocket. Everything will go to shit in the USA.

Today debt-debate is just pre-conditioning folks such as yourself for new 'austerity'.