Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens and you've been had.

As much as I was hoping that Cowboys and Aliens would be a good movie -- I'm not surprised it's an empty shell.

Because the comic was such a cynical and manipulated effort that it's simple karma.

It was created by a 'comic' company whose real focus was to sell 'high concept' comic ideas to the movies, so it didn't matter really whether the comic was any good or not. From what I've heard, it wasn't a horrible comic, but not a great one either.

The quality of the comic was beside the point.

Something rubs me wrong when I know that what I do for a living is being used as a tool for something else. I don't like it.

Then they compounded my ill feelings by manipulating the market. Word is, they made a deal with a couple of large retailers, in N.Y. and elsewhere to buy thousands of copies (with the wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- guarantee, anyone?)

Well it doesn't take millions of copies to become the #1 graphic novel for the month.

Thing is, the comic market is so small that it immediately became obvious to everyone that it was bullshit. When most of us order one or two copies, but it becomes #1 in the country, you either wonder if you missed the boat -- or if something stinks. Adding insult to injury, I couldn't get any copies to sell until recently (yeah, yeah, I know....a little hypocrisy.)

And when I did finally get a couple of copies, it immediately went out of print -- again! But then, it wasn't about the comic, was it?

Turned out, something stank.

It was irritating that they were rewarded by a Hollywood contract, even more annoying that they got Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig to star.

But I'm not surprise the movie is pretty lame -- because it was a "Snakes on a Plane" idea in the first place.

Who needs a good movie?


Anonymous said...

Snakes on a plane may have been a better movie, and it was one of the worst of all time.

The real question is why does dunc waste his money?

Almost every movie he see's he complains that it sucks.

Yes dunc, almost everything sucks, cuz its all boilerplate shit with the same 'stars', more interesting is the burn-out rate on the star's their 1/2 lives are so very short.

I heard they're bringing back 'west-world', I think it was robots versus the old-west. Let's remember that Hollywoods old-west never existed. Let's also remember that from a scientific view, aliens don't exist, because their has been no contact in the past, and no evidence of technology for such a feat is known.

But its all comical, and we live in a fantasy world of everyone's mind. Certainly the US government and Bend is ALL 'alice in wonderland'.

I long ago realized that ALL TV & movies from hollywood were all manufactured to 'fill the air' and space-time. Nothing is made as art or content, everything is short-time entertainment to dull the boredom of the mind of the western man. Just like 1984 or brave-new-world, fill them with soma, or mind-soma. Dunc of course is part of the drug-dealer, and thus his biz still makes nickels for his min-wage.
During the great-depression nickel entertainment also did well, as folks want to and need to escape from their reality.

Anonymous said...

Today I read "AA is the new AAA", so apt ....

World's fiat country's get dropped from AAA to AA, and AA is the new beauty queen.

I propose that the "Bend Hairlip" ( mtn people ) is the new "Bend Beautiful".

Let's rechoice and adulate our Bend-Hairlip, lets have a street closure and call it mtn-people day's, lets bring them in by the pickup load to downtown for a free beer long weekend bash.

Maybe even go to walmart or costco or food4less and find the 1,000's of homeless in the parking lots and make them the new 'beautiful people' of Bend.

Ugly is the new Beautiful in Bend. Who could have guessed?

Anonymous said...

To the MORON's of BEND, its here, the US MIL, has announced their pensions are BEND-OVER(tm), thus my premise that expect NOT a fucking thing for the PROLES.