Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive."

Oh, hell.

BEND BULLETIN: Business Section: 7/3/11.

"Bend Chamber reports increases in new licenses."

Glory days!

Except, when you do the math, it's an increase of..... drumroll please! ...are you ready to be bowled over? it is!.... 1.5%

Yep. One point five percent. We are talking about an increase of 81 business out of 5,623.

According to the executive director of the Bend Chamber of Commerce:

"The economy has been depressed since the last quarter of 2007, and I think the increase in new businesses we're seeing this spring show people are tired of the doom and gloom."

"People are picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and getting back in the game. They are not waiting for someone else to save them. People around here are not sitting on their derrieres looking for government to bail them out. They are embracing innovation and using that as a guiding light to start a new business, or take and an existing business to a new level."

Good lord. He hammered that boiler-plate with a sledge hammer!

I love the way he uses quasi new age positivism -- "...guiding light.." "...a new level..." with conservative dogma "are not waiting for someone else to save them" with relentless boosterism "people are tired of the doom and gloom" "getting back in the game."

Well -- at least 1.5% of the businesses are.

I'm not sure the tone of the article matched the actual reality. I'm not sure that a 1.5% increase is worth the hype.

That dead cat just bounced 1.5%.


Anonymous said...

Pulling themselves off the bottom.
Let's see which is it...

1.) There is still one long time soul in Bend that hasn't departed with his life savings, that finally now thinks that the prices are sweet and he ventures into the abyss of 100% 'bend loss'?

2.) A new bird comes to Bend thinking he has found the opportunity of a lifetime?

Me thinks that the BULL metrics comes from 'moves' such as DUNC is now using, the players are being shuffled, and in the mess the 'outs' are not counted only the 'ins'.

Down 98.5%, but up 1.5% ahhhh the glory days are back, time to be BULLish.

2007 the BULL was still in DENIAL. By 2010 the BULL ascertained the patient may have a COLD, today the BULL admits there was a problem, going so far back as 2007. By 2016 there might be a ray of light for Bend, and the BULL will be there so guide all. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

1983 was the best of times for 'entrepreneuralism' in ORYGUN,

But now is NOT then, NOTHING is similar, Bend then really was on the bottom, un-developed and little marketed, and mostly a state 'secret', black-butte was for a few salem folk, and sunriver for a few pdx family's, and everything else was quite quiet.

There's no going back, as everything has changed. Like an OLD WHORE can never be made beautiful again, the young Bend, the one where 'poverty had a view' is long gone, now poverty without a view, and traffic jam's and CALI SPRAWL.

Sure a few losers kids with poor education, might come here and develop 'apple iPhone apps', and might gross a few grand a year, but that ain't the kind of thing that will never bring jobs. High Tech is 'Bend Dead' (tm), so what's left for the entrepreneur? Probably more grifting. If I was to place my bet, it would be MORE marketing and PR, that tomorrow Bend entrepreneur will be folks that can draw the ELDSTER to retire in Bend, after all the ONLY the OLD have MONEY, and the USA is making MORE everyday and we like to WAREHOUSE them. They're all looking for PARADISE and that be Bend.

But a real 'entrepreneur' that makes widgets and creates 100's of 1,000's high paying jobs? Not going to happen in Bend. No widgets are to be made in the USA. It's over and NOT coming back. The markets are now in CHINA&INDIA, and that be where the factorys of the future will be built.

My guess that Bend's future will be 'adult daycare', and anything relevant to the old & dying. In a town that ONLY loves money, and given ONLY the old have money, then its certain that that BOSS-HOGGS of BEND will continue to MARKET this town as a retirement paradise. "Come to Bend, and wait to Die".

Anonymous said...

"People are picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and getting back in the game. They are not waiting for someone else to save them. ...,


More than likely ...

1.) They're leaving, if they still have money for a bus ticket.

2.) Back in the game. Well the ONLY game is RE, so what is it? Build a house? Sell a house? Sell insurance for a house? Title recording? Let's see the RE biz is dead, so ZOMBIES are now walking around going through old motions? Even though everything is Bend-Dead(tm)?

3.) "waiting for someone to save you", ... and who would that be? I think with KATRINA, ... and every 'disaster', ... the GUBMINT is quite clear that Roy Rogers isn't going to ride into town, and take care of Bend, nobody is coming, that has been established, might have been a good line of BULL long ago, but now even the BULL is conditioning the public, for the fact that MOSS(CACB) is not going to HELICOPTER money over Bend.

4.) The Bend Grifter(tm), broke and loss, a fucker with nobody to fuck. A parasite with NO HOST to suck blood. Where does he go, so he wipes off the dust, and looks for a host. But where? Where pray tell, and whom does he suck blood from in Bend?

The ONLY game in Bend is to FUCK the MERCHANTS who still have money. My guess will be MORE fee's, more taxes, more biz taxes. With CITY desperate for money, ONLY those in PUBLIC with the visible sign of life or wealth will be targeted by the vultures, who as the Bend BULL suggests have dusted themselves off and descended upon Bend for fresh blood.

Anonymous said...

These business license stats as presented are pretty much useless. They should be presented as Existing businesses that renewed, existing businesses that did not renew and New businesses.

Then the true picture would be revealed.

Mr. Teacher said...

Perfect metaphor: "The dead cat just bounced 1.5%"


H. Bruce Miller said...

Guy from the Chamberpot of Commerce sounds like he's three-fifths Republican politician and two-fifths televangelist.

Bend Economy Man said...

Let me just chime in to support: the stat is lame, the CoC comment way oversells it, The Bulletin is a boosterist rag.

The question is: who do they think they're fooling? People who've lived here for years are leaving town with their families.

Yeah, like Grapes of Wrath style. Abandoning their homes, selling their possessions, packing up and leaving. How do you spin that? I guess we see how: you seize on any positive contraindicator and sell it as a ray of sunshine.

Anonymous said...

These business license stats as presented are pretty much useless.


There is more to the darkness here, the city just a few years ago made the bus license mandatory, so there are many new license for existing biz, that never before had a license, ... you know guys working at home, ...

There are no new biz in bend, just folks that had not bothered to get a biz license, ... so once again, the BULL&CITY create a mirage, and then use it to prove their point that there is NEW BIZ in Bend.