Thursday, September 4, 2008

"You're getting better concert acts than WE are!"

I've heard this comment more than once this summer. Fill in the blank on what city they're talking about.

I don't know if this is actually true.

But I do know that the quality of acts Bend is getting is about 1000% higher than just a decade ago.

According to the Bulletin, "Holiday weekend lodging was off 3 - 5%".

Along with this line: "...downtown Bend reported "very strong business" over the weekend, due to summer concerts at the Les Schawb Amphitheater."

I've been wondering for some time, now, whether these concerts as a whole generate enough ticket sales to pay for the marquee acts? Or are they being sponsored and supported by corporate promotional funds? And whether or not this will continue forever?

Because it seems to me that 'sponsored' events are always just a withdrawal away from not happening at all.

But I don't know to what extent the 'sponsored' money is propping up the whole arrangement. I suppose I'll never know.


Anonymous said...

Well last weekend, or may more than last weekend, virtually every kid at the Deschutes PUB "WHERE I LIVE", was in town for the BECK concert, so yes, I could agree that it brings them in, and I'm talking from places like Minnesota, not PDX.

I bike over to 'beck' that night, and there were MORE people on the 'FREE' side of the river, than in the AMP, I personally think it only a matter of time, before either the tickets cost $500, or this project goes down the river.

Then did I mention the NAZI's?? NED do you know that you can't stand on the AMP side of the river during a concert???? FUCK THE ENTIRE LES SCHWAB AMP BIZ.

Quimby said...

I was there, the Beck show rocked. But, it still seems that there has to be some subsidization going on there in a big way and I bet you $100 that it's connected to real estate and the unloading of it in some way.

I doubt Beck nor Wilco, nor Sheryl "Dingbat" Crow is cheap.