Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Riddance

Well, Paul-doh is doing me a favor and pulling the plug on his BB2 plog.

It had gotten more and more frustrating to me. I didn't mind the language, or the buster bluster, or the right wing loonies...but I never knew who I was talking to. Constant shifting of names, or no names, or even identity theft.

It was like talking to a hall of mirrors. Pretty useless.

I wouldn't go near the BB3 blog if you pulled a gun on me.

So...that stuff is gone.

Good Riddance.


Duncan McGeary said...

Plog. Strangely appropriate.

RDC said...


on a totally different subject. Have you been looking at how Amazon is deploying the Kindle?
It looks like they are taking a lsson from Apple and trying to lock up content as well as selling hardware. The format they use can only be purchased through the Kindle store (sound familar IPhone users).

Could be an interesting direction on the future of book stores (and used book stores).

RDC said...


I have to ask you this question since Bruce does not seem inclined to come out and play either here or on BendBB.

What do you think about Obama's latest ad? The one where he is rediculing McCain about being old fashion and note using a computer or e-mail?

Duncan McGeary said...


I've been glued to CNBC all night. Big meltdown in the financials.

Interesting day tomorrow.

RDC said...


Yep, I do not think Lehman is going to survive. They may end up BK. Merrill is being proactive to sell out to BOA before they collapse. AIG is the really interesting one. Definately dilution for AIG shareholders.

On the other hand this kind of massive event, along with a fairly massive drop that could set the bottom. I was looking for DOW down to about 10500 during this down turn. This news might get us there.

Duncan McGeary said...

I'd be worried that everyone was going to sit on their wallets, except.....Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, nothing....

So...keep that wool over the eyes, guys!

Duncan McGeary said...

Calculated Risk had a thousand viewers on at the same time, which was a new record.

The American media fiddles while Rome burns.

RDC said...

CNBC is reporting the Lehman will file BK tomorrow.

blackdog said...

Good riddance, yes. Buster was becoming very tiresome. Kind of a one trick pony. It was a good trick but he's worn it out.