Sunday, March 22, 2020

Well, I went and done it.


For the safety of ourselves and our customers, Pegasus Books is closing for the next two weeks, starting today, March 22-April 6, pending further developments.

We are going to try to accept normal shipments, so rest assured your stuff will be waiting for you when this is all over.

Take care and see you on the other side!
Knowing what I know, I just couldn't justify staying open longer. I was hoping we could close at the same time as the seemingly inevitable state closure, but every day that went by, I was more uncomfortable asking Sabrina to work. Early on, there was the thought that young people were mostly safe, but that doesn't seem to be completely true. 
So we're closing as of today. I've already told Sabrina she'll get a regular paycheck for the next couple of pay periods. 
It's the right thing to do. Taking the moral high ground is never the wrong decision. 
Financially, it will obviously hurt, but we're in good enough shape to deal with it. So there it is.
If I have to self-isolate, I'm going all the way to make the best use of it. So no interaction with the outside world. I'll kick the newspapers inside the garage, let the mail sit in the garage for a couple of days before opening and otherwise be untouchable.
I'm drawing up the draw bridge from the ravening hordes. Yea!

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