Monday, March 2, 2020

I don't want to get into any arguments with Bernie supporters--I like him fine. But there seems to be an attitude that anyone who doesn't support Bernie, or even worse support Biden, is doing it to stop Bernie in league with cynical old-timers. 

If Bernie can't get an enthusiastic response from black voters, it isn't some vast conspiracy.

There are also a lot of us older voters who remember the George McGovern massacre. He was branded as "far left." Those voters are still out there. It hasn't been proven to me that the "young" voters will turn out in force--but we can be sure that older voters who remember how strong the smear of "socialist" (Commie Pinko) was--will.

I'll support Bernie if he wins. I hope the Bernie voters will support whoever comes out of the convention--but I fear they won't.

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