Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hermetically sealed.

I told Linda that as long as we're doing this, let's do it right. Cut down vectors to zero. I'm even kicking the newspaper inside the garage. That leaves the mail, which we haven't quite figured out. I figure getting in our cars and driving to deposit mail is OK or driving around just to get out of the house. I suspect we'll need one grocery run before this is over.

I figure it's all right to go walking in the woods by myself.

Bundled up last night around 10:00 and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Beautiful dark sky with bright stars. Didn't see a single car. A guy whizzed by me in a wheelchair, his boombox blasting, and he didn't acknowledge my greeting. Surreal.

Meanwhile, I'm not making much use of the extra time. You'd think it would be the perfect time to be writing, but I feel too distracted so far.  Lots of time online, mostly Facebook, so I've gotten into a few spats there with scofflaws, which is useless.

To my mind, curbside service and delivery are vectors--which is OK for food and medicine, but hard to justify for anything else. It bugs me that people are using loopholes and work-arounds for themselves without seeing how unfair that is to everyone else

I've been staring at the screen so much, my eyes hurt.

The current novel I'm reading is just good enough to keep me semi-engaged, but not enough to read it for long. I'm 2/3rds through so unwilling to give up. Besides, for some reason I don't read during the day anymore and I've always hated watching TV before dinner.

Not that we have established meals. Linda and I are extremely easy about meals. No fixed times, we fix meals for ourselves or if what we fix can be shared, we do that.

What's weird is this isn't really all that different from normal and yet feels completely wrong. Context is everything, I guess.

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