Thursday, December 1, 2016

Coming soon? An audio version of "I Live Among You," narrated by Cameron Saunders?

I'm trying to break out of the limbo I've been in. To bend the arc of reality in my direction.

I've been wanting to wait for Tuskers IV from Ragnarok and Snaked from Cohesion to come out before I do anything.

Well, I've kept writing. I just finished "Said the Joker, to the Thief." Sent it to Amazon Singles, though I'm not expecting anything. But just sending something off was exhilarating and I realized I was missing that. The consideration, even if a longshot, the daydreaming while I wait for rejection...heh.

Anyway, I really like the novella, and I'm going to keep it that size.

Meanwhile, I've decided to publish "I Live Among You" next. I've had in mind something for the open slot of March, 2017 for a long time, and I was just trying to figure out which book is should be.

What's interesting about "I Live Among You" is that it lends itself to an audio version, and the idea of doing that--the adventure and newness of that--is what has decided me.

I approached my Pegasus Books manager, Cameron Saunders, to be the narrator. I think he'll be perfect for it. And his involvement is already paying dividends. He suggested that I cut the last two chapters, and when I looked it over, I realized he was right. So I wrote a few new paragraphs for a new ending and it worked much better.

Why this is a good book for audio is that it is simple and straightforward, in first person, somewhat lighthearted with lots of dialogue. It's also only 50,000 words. It just feels right. I've sent it to my editor, Lara, and asked Cameron to look at it from the viewpoint of how it sounds. Come around mid-January, I'll give it one more rewrite and off we go.

So that will be a new experience.

But up next, the rewrite of "Lucifer's Forge."

Rewriting "Sad the Joker, to the Thief" was actually fun. The novella was an unexpected detour and unexpected pleasure.

I'm hoping I can carry that attitude into my bigger book. I'm way out there in the need for accurate details of firefighting, so I may be over my head, but all I can do is try. One thing I know. Wildfires and terrorists are both going to be in the news a lot over the coming years, and having something topical can't be a bad thing.

Anyway, I feel like I'm moving forward again.

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