Sunday, December 25, 2016

Coywolves, hybrid surprise.

Been trying to think of another "creature" book. It can't be something hokey. It needs to have some merit.

I've been thinking Coywolves.

Hybrids of wolves and coyotes, most of them have been the eastern red wolf coming down from Canada and the coyote. They did the western grey wolf as an experiment.

So what would happen if the researcher realizes the the Coywolf she's been testing has been tricking her, smudging the results. She goes back over the research and realized, my god!, that the western coywolves are considerably smarter then they let on.

She hears a noise behind her.

The Coywolf enters the room.

I think it will need more than this. Some other element to make it work.

Oh...and Merry Christmas.

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