Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I went through the entire 105 page manuscript of "Said the Joker, to the Thief" in one day. Which is pretty amazing. Usually I can't go through more than 20 pages without my brain turning to Swiss cheese.

It didn't need a lot of changes. I managed to shave about 550 words.

This seems like the perfect little story. Of course, I'm well aware it ain't perfect, but right  now it feels like it is exactly the way it is supposed to be, which is pretty rare for me. Usually I have something about a story I don't quite like but which I can't change.

However, it can't be a good sign that the first chapter had over 100 views and the last chapter had only 30. But, well, on my own terms, I think it's good. I think I get a little better with each effort. (On my own terms...)

The whole process of trying to shave words has been a great exercise. I usually feel like my stories are too spare and need more. I think this kind of rewriting is something I can do. It's where I try to change things that I get in trouble, but refining what I already have, that I can do.

Now that I'm done, I've decided to keep it as a novella, and move onto the next thing.

I've gone ahead and sent this to Amazon Singles. I know there isn't a chance in hell, but there isn't any harm in it, I guess. They wanted a "detailed" description, and I sent them one line, so right there I've probably blown it.

But for fuck's sake. The file is right there. Read the first page and if you don't like it, fine. If you do like, read the second page. Repeat.

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