Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The shock of the new.

So what have we learned, boys and girls?

1.) That the experts are full of shit.

See, I knew this already from my business, but I guess I have to be systematically reminded. In areas where I feel I don't have all the information, I will often bend to the expert opinion.

In my business I've learned to make decisions with logic and objectivity and what instinctive intuition I can muster. I haven't paid any attention to what everyone else is doing for years. I believe that group think always takes over any group and anyone who thinks differently will be marginalized.

Interestingly, Linda was convinced this was going to happen from early on, and I just thought she was being an alarmist and kept reassuring her that it wouldn't.

So no more time wasted on the pundits. Goodbye Chris and Rachael and Lawrence, and especially you, Nate, you sorry bastard.

2.) That the general public is challenged when it comes to the consequences of ethical decisions.

I've often wondered how many people really understand what ethics are. I've been amazed over the years by the number of people who will lie, steal, or cheat to save a little money. People will throw away their integrity for a 50 cent advantage.

Trying to reason with people who are convinced otherwise is useless.

Most of all, bias is nearly impossible to break.

So there we have it. My attempt to make sense of what just happened.


Dave Cline said...

If high schools taught Critical Thinking rather than waste months on Shakespeare...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty much that. I would add that the Democrats fielded a terrible candidate who represents all the negative aspects of the establishment and the status quo when a very large percentage of the population want ANYTHING but that.

Jim Cornelius