Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Timeless" review.

Linda and I always seem to settle for one or two formulaic network shows, which have just enough of something interesting to keep watching. For a long time it was "Castle," which had Nathan Fillon's comedic charm.

This year, I'm rather fond of "Timeless,"  a updated version of "Time Tunnel." (How many of you remember that show?)

Yes, it has plotholes big enough to drive a tank through, and yes, it is completely formulaic.

And yet...and yet...

The characters are deepening a little as the show goes on, including the bad guys. And they actually throw in a few interesting and accurate historical details in each episode (admittedly along with a plethora of anachronisms.)

The "conspiracy" element (which every show apparently must have these days) isn't overly annoying or overblown. At this point, I'm actually interested to find out what Rittenhouse is. I'm somewhat trusting that the showrunners have thought this through.

The biggest downside for me, (and what is common in lots of TV dramas), is the willingness of the protagonists to do horrible things for "loved ones." So a character wants his wife back, or her sister back, and because of that they're willing to betray everyone else.

The other huge plot hole for me is the way the antagonists seem willing to blow up history for reasons that seem awfully murky.

But that's just it. It's a time-travel story, so EVERYTHING can be explained.

Whether it will be or not, that's the question. It's probably moot, because the very fact that I'm writing a review probably means the show is doomed to cancellation very soon. 

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