Friday, December 9, 2011

This time, that space.

I'm slowly but surely adding authors to my stock.

Next order -- I'm going to order every Lee Child and Wilbur Smith paperback available.

I'm just going to MAKE you buy because I have it, dammit!


I'm suddenly getting some high profile Twitter followers --well, high profile for the nerd world. Star Wars Insider, CLINT magazine, etc.

What does this mean? Do they just follow everyone? Did one of my tweets get passed around? Is there any way of knowing?

UPDATE: Jerad says they're just fishing for followers.



Linda was late picking up Dad. "I just lost track of time and space," she says.

"Einstein says, time and space are connected."

Blank look.

"If you're here, at this time, you can't be there, at this time."

Blanker look.

Hey, I thought it was a pretty good explanation.


Duncan McGeary said...

There were 30 Wilbur Smith books,(who knew?) and 14 Child books. I also ordered 24 James Lee Burke books.

All in on the good books, baby!

Duncan McGeary said...

Cameron finds it "quaint" that I find that twitter stuff worth remarking on. I find it "quaint" that he finds it "quaint."

It's a regular quaint train, says Cameron, quaintly.

One too many quaints?