Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Ladies...look at your man. Now look at me...."

"You 'have' no life -- you're a blogger..." Samantha B. Daily Show.

"Ladies...Look at your man. Now....Look at me. Now.....Look at your man..."

I'm feeling put upon here! I'm feeling put upon here!!! Linda laughs heartily every time the Old Spice Commercial comes on.


We seem to have an endless capacity for "surprised" and "unexpected."

The economy is a cycle. It should be no surprise when it goes up, and it shouldn't be unexpected when it goes down.

And up

And down

And up.....

And down...........


Usually, when my beard gets this long, I get it trimmed.

I'm thinking with the National Beard Contests arriving this summer that I may go for the Full Beardy.

I'll probably end up looking like Gabby Hayes....


Spider-man is Fired!

Read it this morning on Huffington Post.

Thanks for telling me, Marvel. I usually sell 15 copies. I'll have 15 copies for sale.



Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin.

My second favorite fantasy series of all time, is being put into production by HBO.

No way they can get it right, but it'll be interesting. It being HBO, they may just stick to the rather brutal plot.


CACB is doing a stock reversal.

So they take five dollars in ones and exchange it for a five dollar bill and that makes them solvent?

Is NASDAQ stupid?



Never mind....


LOST seems to be simplifying into Good versus Evil.

When "not" John Locke offers Sayid the "deal" he might as well have been wearing horns and a hooked tail. (Doesn't Sayid remember how 'Deals with the Devil' turn out?)

But it was interesting to see the Fully Evil Claire and Fully Evil Sayid, and the crew following the not-John Lock. Kate? From the appraising look of the devil, she may still have a chance...


I'm not sure why losing Saturday postal service doesn't bother me more.

Maybe because it will take my bills an extra day to get to me. heh.


The grass is always greener. The story in today's paper about "declining rents attracting new retail" made me think about a couple of things I've heard in the last couple of weeks.

The "Grass is Always Greener"...phenom seems to be a constant. When I had a store in both the Mt. View Mall and in Downtown, I'd hear the merchants in one, envious of the merchants in the other.

I had a conversation with a downtown merchant lately who was envious of the Old Mill.

Another downtown merchant seems to believe that Wall St. would be oh so much better than Minnesota St...


Let's see. Electricity 20% higher. Cable bills going up. Comics nearing 3.50. Health insurance going up about 20% EVERY year.

Good thing we don't have inflation.


Speaking of which. "Obama Pushing For Home Efficiency Rebates."

I've been thinking of doing the whole energy appraisal thing. Now I'm going to wait to see if I can "...get 50 percent of the cost back...."


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Anonymous said...

"Good thing we don't have inflation"

Good points but wait until there's a little uptick in the economy (somewhere in the world, maybe not here) and then in crude oil demand. My bet is that it won't take long for gas to spike back up to $4, $5, ...? Then EVERYTHING else will start to rise and you'll be able to say "inflation."