Saturday, August 11, 2018

Daily "Fateplayi" rewrite journal, Day 15.

I'm going to really knuckle down over the next 3 days. I'm working at the store on Monday and Tuesdays are set aside for Linda and me to be together, so I've got to make some progress.

Right now I'm trying to figure how to bring Numera into the story more, as well as Coyote, and also what happened to her Dad. So those all kind of pull together, along with building the love interest with Zach. So I need a mechanism where I get all those characters together that doesn't slow the plot.

I thought of this a few days ago, but nothing has come to me so far.

Meanwhile, back to line editing.

I think I've figured out a solution. There is always a solution.

Actually, I come at it sideways, which actually works better. While Zach is off having his adventures, Numera goes alone to New York to confront the doppleganger. Not sure what happens there, but she comes back devastated. Zach comforts her, deepening their relationship.

Coyote comes along and talks to them thereafter.

These scenes need to happen to tie the front of the book to the back of the book. I think it's the last of the structural changes to the plot--additions, really, which are better than changes.

This again is a result of time. Thinking about it for several days and having the solution come to me. I'm not sure if the book is dramatically better, but it feels more complete to me.

Basically, once I'm get halfway the rest is action.

OK. Inserting the new scene was not as easy as I expected. Had to move the characters from one city to the next--but the explanation for the move wasn't too ridiculous, I don't think. Will also take the existing midpoint Coyote scene and instead use it here.

So other than a few more brief mentions of Numera's worry about her father leading up to this scene, I think I've answered the obvious question of why would she continue without doing something.

The "few brief mentions" turned into quite a job. But I managed to measure out the Coyote visits and the responses to Numera's father's disappearance over the course of a hundred pages, which I think was necessary.

The action in the second half of the book are five "game scenarios" almost like individual short stories. I had great fun writing them, and they are fast moving. Hopefully they are fun to read. So there isn't as much characterization or plotting really needed, so the changes don't affect them much. So I think it should be fairly straightforward now. 

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