Sunday, August 12, 2018

Daily "Fateplay" rewrite journal, Day 16.

Looks like I'm going to finish up the first rewrite today, in about half the time I apportioned for the task. The second half of the book was mostly fine. Line editing only.

All the structural changes happened in the first half.

It's a better book. I hope the tone isn't inconsistent.

I have about 40 pages to read today. I don't expect too many changes. Turns out, I have to work both Sunday and Monday, and I'm busy on Tuesday, so I need to finish this first rewrite today.

Finished! 1st and major rewrite. I have an idea that I want to write parallel larping scenes for the prologue and epilogue, but if I don't really like what I write, I'll go with what I have.

The writing in the last 50 pages or so was clunkier than I expected, so I tried to work on that. If I have time, I might do another run through on those specific pages.

But I do think the book is ready as is, even if nothing else happens.

Thing is--it's a very, very quirky book. It seems like the longer I write, the more quirky I get. Which may also mean the less commercial. The more I sink into my own imagination, the harder it is for me to see if it's any good.

Good isn't really what it's about. Is it what I set out to write? Does it meet my vision?

This is what I write--so be it.

I have about 10 days before I send to Beta readers and editors, so I'm going to give it one more read next week, starting on Wednesday. Seven days of just reading it through without any structural changes, just try to enrich it as much as I can with telling detail.

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