Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Such is life.

I'm having great fun at the store. Of course it's always more fun when tons of people are coming in the door. It's been a very active place for the last couple of weeks, the changes give off a good vibe, and I'm enjoying the chance to stock the store again.

I'm also seeing friends and selling my own book, and talking to people who have read my books and seem to like them. Jumped all over a guy who'd said he'd read all my books and I said, "Review them!" and he laughed and said "You always say that," and then..."you shouldn't pressure me every time..." Oops.

Not meant to be pressure. Sorry. I probably should just stop asking since it doesn't work anyway. I've asked probably a couple hundred people face-to-face to do a review by now and as far as I can tell (and there are ways to tell) only one or two have ever done it. So...the danger of "pressuring" versus the actual results--easy thing to drop.

July is being given over to the store and to family and friends. It's probably time to take a little break. Let the books I've written sink in a little. I think the effectiveness of selling previous books drops when I'm always dropping a new one on the world. Heh.

Went to see Antman and Wasp yesterday and that was a hoot. I found myself laughing out loud a bunch of times when no one else was because Paul Rudd's delivery of even the most innocuous line makes me laugh.

Staying away from politics for the month as well, for mental health. I just assume every thing is terrible and move on.

Haven't been walking or writing, gaining weight, going to bed an hour earlier than usual, feeling a bit more connected to the outside world, feeling both encouraged and discouraged about the store, feeling both encouraged and discouraged about writing but proud of what I've done. Linda is a joy, always. The cat is unexpectedly healthy. Lots of moral and ethical dilemmas being presented, mostly through the constantly changing cultural mores and political situation.

Such is life.

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