Monday, July 2, 2018

Pegasus Books changes in place. Looks great!

Most of the changes are done. A little finishing up today.

Looks fantastic.

I probably should have made these changes to Pegasus Books six months ago, in January. But that's the thing about these kinds of big changes--they happen when you're ready. I'm not sure what sparked this, just that I started looking around for fixtures and when I found six solid ones for a good price, I pulled the trigger.

Done by the 4th of July, so probably no harm done.

I'll have the rest of the rough outline in place by the end of today, but it will take months before the new space is used efficiently.

I've got eight bookcases worth of new space. Five of them have been used to move SF around. Three of them are for regular books. One of them is being used for YA. Mysteries and Horror are being given a bit more space, more effectively. The art books were moved to the comic section, so the outward display space is now used for YA.

All in all, an actual increase of about 30% for new books, which has been my fastest growing category.

I regret the necessity to cut down on the used books so much. Mostly because by appearances we don't have as many books, which was NOT the message I wanted to give. But I had no real access to used books anymore, so it had to be done.

The graphic novel section has been improved dramatically. From having almost no face-out space to over 240 linear square feet; room for up to 420 graphic novels to be displayed face out. I'm trusting this will help sell them.

It looks colorful and fun and gives the impression of more space to move around, which the store needed.

I'm giving comics and graphic novels full support at a time when they are a little weak. It's weird that movies and TV shows an be so HUGE and their source materials so small, but it's always been that way, to some extent.

The question to ask was--"Am I going to continue to be a graphic novel store?" and if the answer was yes, then retreating was the wrong move. So I'm making a statement here--graphic novels as an art form are continuing to improve and some of the younger generation especially are catching on.

Titles like Paper Girls and Lumberjanes and Saga sell like crazy to "those in the know." The old superhero crowd is the biggest part of the market, but if we can retain enough of them--and I think both DC and Marvel are trying hard--then this new crowd will someday be very helpful to the bottom line.

It's a matter of diversity. Sometimes you trade some of the hard core for a softer wider spectrum. And that takes time.

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