Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm setting aside everything else to finish  "Fires of Allah," my terrorists-setting-wildfires book.

(I've had a number of titles for this, but this title best reflects the contents, even if it isn't inspired. "Not by Water, But by Fire" is an intriguing title, "Devil's Forge" is short and pithy, but neither really get across the contents.)

I was half done before I stopped. I was waylaid by a big time agent and a mainstream publisher, who were considering it. I got a rejection from the former and no answer from the latter, so I'm moving on.

(This was the "100 kickass pages" the agent asked for--which I still think is an asinine request. The book ain't done until it's done, and to Micheal Bay it is to cheapen it, as far as I'm concerned.)

While I was waiting, I assembled a bunch of research material.

I like the book, and it's a hell of a premise, and you can't say it isn't timely.

So I'm going full tilt on it for the next month, with the goal of having it finished and edited by August 1, with a cover by Mike Corley.

This is exciting. I needed the challenge. It will be fun write.

So off I go...down the rabbit hole.

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