Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chapter 10, still good.

Got started late, went out to the desert so late it was fully dark by the time I finished my walk. Didn't mind, could still make out the road. There is something extraordinarily peaceful about that time of day in the wilderness.

I'm now entering the 2nd act of the book, which details the gathering storm. I have to ratchet up the danger, but I can't use the main characters too much without coming to a climax too soon or making it unbelievable.

So I decided I could start each chapter with a sea snake incident starring non-main characters, who I could also kill off if necessary. That is, the gathering danger is happening away from the main storyline.

I wrote a chapter about a young girl exploring underground Seattle who runs into the snakes and it was great. Like a little short story.

You know, I think I'm getting better at this. It may not be noticeable to anyone else, but I can see it.  Hard to quantify or qualify, just the stories clicking without dead zones, the characters coming alive, the action clear and exciting, the words evocative and appropriate.

At least I think so.

I've realized that I have a fear (and have always had this fear though I couldn't put my finger on it) that I'll write something good and no one will read it, no one will notice.

You noticed I'm not talking about money or fame or anything like that. Just the desire to see something that I think is good being appreciated.

The other fear that I have after writing 10 good chapters is that I won't be able to keep it up.

But there's nothing to do but keep writing.

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