Thursday, January 7, 2016

3rd solid chapter.

Wrote my 3rd solid chapter in a row, after my 3rd daily walk in the Badlands. I figure, if I have 3 solid chapters to start, I probably have a book. Each chapter is like a short story, with a meaningful arc. I'm in love with it.

I wasn't sure what I was going to write after The Darkness You Fear. I had tons of options. But I just woke up with the certainty that I wanted to write another Creature book like Tuskers.

Tuskers is probably the most enjoyable story I ever wrote. I told myself that I wanted to write a story straight to the end, no detours, solid action all the way. What came out was Hyper-intelligent Wild Pigs On The Rampage. (Started as a joke response to Bruce's confrontations with Javelinas.)

When it started turning into a 70's disaster movie (think Ava Gardner and Charlton Heston bickering as the Earthquake/Fire/Killer Bees attack) I thought I really had something.

Anyway, the title of this book is Snaked. (Alternate title, Deep Sea Rising.)

I've assembled my cast of characters and my scenario, and I really like it. I'm excited to write it, which is the biggest thing.

Meanwhile, I awoke to another newspaper article about wild fires. I really wish the big publisher would send me a contract for this. It couldn't be more timely; terrorists and wild fires are going to be in the news from now on. But apparently my 100 page "kick-ass" proposal was "lame-ass." It's not how I operate, but I tried. The agent hated it, but the publisher still asked to see it -- and this publisher seemed to really, really like Led to the Slaughter, so there is still a small hope.

I want to write this book fully researched, so I had the balls to ask for a contract, telling the publisher I would do my very best to deliver a "good" book.

I don't think mainstream publishing works that way...but it's the way I want to work, so there.

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