Sunday, May 25, 2014

First draft high.

This is so much fun!

Oh, my.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy creating my stories.  I love living in these characters, having these adventures.

After struggling with the re-writing of Faerylander for weeks, it was like diving into a cool lake on a hot summer day to be creating Ghostlander again.

Creating just takes me out of myself, into another world.  Which I gotta believe is a really healthy thing, especially for someone as obsessive/compulsive as me.  Worrying about something other than myself...

I get a high from it.  Like reading a really good book.  I'm not saying I'm writing a really good book, though I'm trying.

What I'm saying is that by trying to create a really good book, I'm getting the same feeling I get from reading a really good book, if that makes any sense. 

I have a goal of 2000 words per day.  I try not to do less than this, if I'm going to devote a whole day, and I also try not to do too much more than this, because I think it keeps me fresh.

But sometimes there is an open field in front of me.  Makes no sense not to run with it.  I've been doing more like 3000 words a day over the last few days and I think I can keep that up.  I'm about 40% of the way through the first draft.

As usual, I'm having great fun writing the flashback chapters...the murder scenes and the subsequent hauntings, and also the kind of "historical' incidents of haunting.

Was having a hard time coming up with the current day narrative though.  Struggled with that all day yesterday, and then last night, as I was going to sleep it came to me.  The main character, Cobb, may not be as directly involved emotionally, but three of the secondary characters  are, so that should be enough to carry the story.

I needn't have worried about loosing the thread from taking time away.  My subconscious was apparently raring to go...

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