Monday, May 5, 2014

Double Duty Writing.

I mentioned awhile back that I wanted to write original material during the early day and work on rewriting in the latter part of the day.

I couldn't do it.  I can just do one thing at a time, I guess.  Either write a first draft, or do rewriting, but not both.

Anyway, for the next three days I have no choice.  I've arranged for Lara to take a look at the final draft of Faerylander on the 10th of May.  But Linda has already gone through it, and pointed out a bunch of inconsistencies that I'd like to fix first.  And Bren has gone through the beginning chapters and pretty much convinced me I need to completely rework the first two chapters -- again for the umpteenth time.

So I have to spend the next three nights totally focused on Faerylander.  I have no choice if I'm going to slot this into Lara's available time.  With all my backlog I can't afford to let any time pass without something for her to work on.

This is the final draft of Faerylander, no matter what.  (Perhaps a final clean edit after this.)  I just can't keep working on Faerylander forever.  I've got to pick a moment when I think it's finished.

I'm almost there, and if I can fix the first two chapters and the inconsistencies, I think the book is about as good as I can make it.

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