Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm in a time warp. First of all, I'm trusting my employee with the store a bit more, and taking time off. Going to see Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon. Secondly, it's the time of year when things just seem to....slow....down. Which is O.K. with me. Lulls are a good time to get assimilated.

Years ago, (I hate to think it, but probably 10 years), my wife put all the clocks in the house 20 minutes ahead in an attempt to help her get to work on time. In self-defense, I put my watch at 20 minutes ahead. After a few years, she went back to 'real' time, while I was still stuck on 'Linda' time. So I've ben operating for a decade with a 20 minute time gap.

Today I set my watch back to 'real' time. Very disorienting.

Back when I was working the store every day, I gave myself a gift. I changed the opening hour from 10:00 to 11:00. I've never regretted it. I love my extra hour in the morning. I have time to savor the paper and coffee, and mull over the day ahead.

I would look at my watch, and when it hit 11:00, it was time to leave. I wonder how long it is going to take to realize I need to leave at 10:40. Today, I'm really conscious of it. Tomorrow I'll probably still be conscious of it. In a few days......?

If I'm five minutes late, I don't panic too much. I call it "owner's perogative." I try to do it as little as possible, but it happens. I usually stay past the 6:00 closing time. One thing that I've never done in all the years is close during posted hours. That, to me, is one of the WORST things that any business can do. A sign that either the owner is dispirited, or doesn't care, or has lost interest in his own business.

Anyway, I'm feeling in a time-warp. Bear with me.


Jason said...

It's funny, but I've gradually been setting my clocks and watches ahead over the years. For me, it just seems to escalate. Three months from now, I'll be running out the door ten minutes earlier than I really need to.

Then again, my girlfriend has this nasty habit of going around and fixing all our clocks. She says she forgets that it was on purpose.

I think she's out to get me. :-)

Jason said...

Oh, I forgot to ask: what did you think of the movie?

Duncan McGeary said...

Still digesting.

It's a great refutation to anyone who thinks FANTASY doesn't deal with reality. Or how Fantasy can help deal with reality. Something like that.