Saturday, January 15, 2022

Random thoughts.

So many beautiful songs of love written by people who eventually split from the one for whom the song was sung.  It's sad.
Cowboy Take Me Away
Uptown Girl

But the songs still work if you are still in love with the one you love. 
The speakers to the cheap $100 Victrola I just bought are better than the expensive set I bought in 1968. The record player, on the other hand, absolutely sucks.
The Bulletin is having a really hard time delivering to me in Redmond. Got three days worth this morning. Sometimes I don't get them at all. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. 
But, really, I wonder if our society has gotten away with underpaying most workers for so long and the inevitable passive/aggressive rebellion had finally happened. 
I used to think the parallels between the fall of the Roman republic and the US were a stretch. But the last few years have brought them totally in alignment. The reformers were stymied again and again by the rich and powerful until it blew up in their faces.
I swear I came up with this before I read it was a real theory, but if there are infinite parallel universes then consciousness travels between them. In other words, I'm conscious in the universes where I'm still alive. 

But I'm pretty sure I've veered far from the original, especially in the last few years. 

I've stated my preference for SF that cleaves the genre conventions. I normally don't like "literary" SF. It usually bores me. 

We're up to episode 8 on Station Eleven and it's getting intense. I like it quite a bit. So maybe it's not that I'm against "literary" SF, just bad "literary" SF.
I've definitely got too much time on my hands. (Random thoughts? Really?) I shudder to think what might happen when I fully retire.

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