Sunday, July 25, 2021

Finished "150 Glimpses of the Beatles," which was compulsively readable. Binging on Beatles stuff, for some reason. Came away feeling that John Lennon was a more damaged individual than I recognized and Yoko Ono was pretty toxic to the Beatles mix--I'm not saying she is toxic, just that her personality didn't mesh real well. A better appreciation Ringo, pretty much already what I thought of Paul and George.

Started a biography of Charles Fort, who I always assumed was a nutcase, but he turns out to be much more interesting than I expected. 

Linda was gone for four days to church camp. Didn't turn on the TV once. The cat and I were lonely. 

Went through my digital files and found a whole bunch of starts to stories. Some of them are pretty good. Now that I realize that not every idea has to be a book, I may try to finish a few of them off. 

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