Thursday, July 15, 2021

Comics are the most original art form.

 Finally watching "Loki." I prefer to wait until series are over before I watch them. 

What's great about these Marvel TV shows is how experimental and daring they are. Unlike most of the DC shows which seem interminable and tweeny, Marvel is telling self-contained stories that push boundaries. 

In a way, it reminds me of the comic form itself. What I've always believed about comics is that there is more experimental and daring material published there than just about anywhere else. My feeling is that this is a culture that grew while being ignored and belittled, so comic creators had little to lose. This culture still seems to be intact, probably because it has been rewarded with Hollywood success. For a few thousand bucks, a comic series can be created; and if they work, they can be turned into something bigger.

I'm constantly amazed by the choices Hollywood makes. The Preacher, Sweet Tooth, The Boys--none of these looked like material they would want to tackle. But I think the directors and writers and actors see comics as a way to try something new.

Even the big Marvel movies, as formulaic as they are, I think are more willing to try things than most big blockbuster movies--that is, until recently. I think the comic movies have had a beneficial effect on all big budget movies, which are constantly pushing the boundaries. 

I'm done with self-serious "dramas," the same way I'm done with self-serious "literary" books. Life is too short. Contra to everyone else's opinions, I believe these literary books are the stories that have fallen into a rut, retreading the same storylines, subjects. You especially notice it in the titles and cover art which begin to sound and look the same. Any big success is immediately copied until it's dead.  

Young adult books are even worse. It seems no accident to me that YA graphic novels are having such success, because they are more likely to be original, and not some copy of Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. 

Go Comics!

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