Wednesday, November 11, 2020

My first short story submission.

 I've always thought short stories were a different kind of animal than novels, which maybe they are--but they are also stories, and I'm up for stories.

Anyway, rather than bend myself into pretzels, I'm going to take whatever ideas I have and just write them out in as short a format as I can get the story across. 

The story I just submitted is maybe a little long for a beginner--about 5600 words, but I'm still trying to get some background and character development in there that perhaps isn't strictly needed. 

It was fun to write it and I like the way it came out.

I'm submitting it to an anthology published by the publisher of my novel Snaked. It helped to actually have a prompt; basically Religion, monsters, monsters, monsters, and military. A premise came to me that I thought was pretty damn good.

So just before submitting it, I read Geoff's description of what he wanted and realized, well---ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! MONSTERS! MONSTERS! MONSTERS!.

Whereas my story has....Action! Action!, Monsters! Monsters! 

But this is the story I wrote and I like it quite a lot. So it goes. I'm not expecting a thing. In fact, I expect to be rejected. But I enjoyed the process so much, that I think I'm going to do more of it.

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