Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Taking a sit back and listen approach to life.

It seems like when I started this blog in 2006, I expressed any opinion I wanted, and held back very little on what was happening in my life.

Either things have gotten more complicated or I've gotten more canny, because I find myself filtering out most of what once would have been the contents of this blog. Some of it is self-protection, to be sure, but as much or more is because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, or reveal information that was given to me in confidence, or...strangely...anything that might sound like I'm bragging.

So when things are rough, it's in my best interest not to reveal that. When things are good, I don't want to sound arrogant. Which leaves a lot in the middle--but the middle is the least interesting part.

So I'm sure my blog was much more interesting when I was letting it all hang out.

What can I say about my current life? Staying at home a lot, browsing the internet way too much, trying all kinds of streaming shows and finding many I don't finish. Letting my garden weeds grow taller than me. Gaining weight, not walking or even going into nature all that much. Hardly reading, doing no writing. Going to the store two or three times a week; enjoying it but also getting exhausted.

Writing career? Can't really talk about it, except to say that I've done both better and worse than I expected. Vague enough?

Store: Doing amazingly well despite everything. Still mulling that over, waiting for the final tally at the end of the summer, but even if we just hold our own, it's been a really good stretch. Strange to say...

Linda: Wonderful as always. I don't know why we get along so well, but she's always a joy.

Jasper: It's been interesting to have a fully adult ten year old cat join the family. Unlike a kitten who pretty much blends with the family, he came with his own personality quirks, and both cat and humans have needed to adjust to each other.

Redmond: Quiet, a really nice neighborhood, nice neighbors, Trump flags surrounding us on all sides. Weird.

Politics: Jesus, what's the point of even talking about it. From my perspective, I stand with all right thinking people. Heh.

Cultural change: I think owning a store, having Sabrina as my manager, has probably made me more willing to change my attitudes than most old white guys. I'm taking a sit back and listen approach to things.

See what I mean? Could I be any more vague? What am I worried about?

I don't know, but like I said above, I'm taking a sit back and listen approach to life.

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