Saturday, July 11, 2020

Scattered, obvious, or unwise.

It's been hard to keep this blog up. What I want to say is either too scattered or too obvious or too unwise to talk about.

Too scattered. 

Have hardly finished reading a book, much less writing one. I've been stuck on a James Lee Burke book for a month. I've always loved his writing, but I think I've become too aware of his little tricks. I actually laughed outloud at a rather ludicrous sex scene. His writing is starting to seem rote.

Linda and I have started a ton of TV shows, and then sort of let them peter out. I figure if that happens, it's because we've lost interest or we've overdosed. I sort of test Linda a little bit--wait for her to ask to keep watching a show. If she doesn't, then it disappears from our queue. So I can make a lot of comments about random shows, which is sort of useless.

Too obvious. 

The shit show that is our politics. It's horrible and scary. Jesus, who would have ever thought...

Coronavirus. If the governor hadn't mandated masks, I probably would have closed up. As long as we enforce mask wearing--yes, over your nose too--then I feel barely safe enough to remain open.

Too unwise. 

The store is doing extraordinarily well, but I don't believe I should crow about it. I'm surprised and grateful, but I fully expect the roof to fall in at any time.

Like I said, I'm too scattered in my thoughts to be of any use to anyone. Off I go to peruse Twitter and Facebook. That ought to focus me. (Sarcasm...)

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Unknown said...

James Lee Burke taught me the meaning of detritus.

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