Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bunch of little bits.

I think I should just go with the randomness of my current attention span and do a bunch of little bits.

Another mask update; The last two days I worked I saw more and more people wearing their masks under their noses or so loose as to be useless. I'm not shy about asking them to pull it up, but there is a definite stubbornness in their response. Not cool.

Chaos Cat, Buddy Jasper, occasionally lets out a long, loud moan. I'm pretty sure he's not in pain or anything. It sounds very existential. I usually answer, "You said it, Buddy."

So the city council asks for tourists to stay away. Meanwhile, to be honest, my store is killing it right now because tourists are spending. Maybe because they can't spend their money on other things, I don't know. It's very hard to be a small business and turn that down.

I'd be a lot less worried if everyone would follow the spirit of the law. Wear your damn masks, for my sake!

My new book, "Eden's Return," is coming out Monday. My publisher has been behind it all the way. As usual, I'm more concerned that the publisher be happy about sales than how it affects me. What the publisher needs is reviews, really, so that the book can qualify for BookBub, which seems to be the only really effective promotion there is.  Reviews should be something simple. "Really liked the story, or plot, or writing, or whatever." Not much more than that. Don't be too effusive, don't say you've read "all" my books. Something short and positive is all that is necessary.

Can't complain too much because the Bulletin did a feature article on Pegasus Books just a little while ago, but we weren't mentioned in the "how bookstores are doing feature" a few days ago. Not many locals think we are a bookstore, but...and this may be a surprise to many of you--but I'd be willing to bet that I'm currently selling more books than about half of the "real" bookstores in Central Oregon. Oh, well. The tourists just see books and so I'm a bookstore...

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