Saturday, September 8, 2018

I've been half deaf in my right ear for a couple of months. More than half deaf at first, which was alarming of course, but I figured it was wax buildup and would clear. It seemed to clear for awhile, and then came back.

So I tried some home remedies, but those didn't seem to do much.

It says online to check with a doctor if it doesn't clear up because there could be an underlying problem, so I finally went in a couple days ago. (Nice to have Medicare).

Yep, hard wax covering my eardrum.

Basically, the remedy is roughly the home remedy I was already doing, but with the proper syringes and something a little more potent than hydrogen peroxide or vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

So far, nothing is working. But it's good to know what the problem is, and the doctor didn't seem too concerned.

Still half deaf.

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