Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trophy wives run Amok.

It seems to me that getting a 'Trophy Wife' is it's own Karma.

Being totally in love with my wife after 25 years, I've never understood the attraction of changing. I wouldn't trade Linda for anything or anyone (well, maybe a young Bettie Page, but no one else!).

I know this phenomenon of older men and younger women has been around forever.

It's Biblical.

It's probably Biological.

It's almost always Bitter.

And I also don't doubt that sometimes such a pairing is True Love. Really, everyone reading this, I believe it's all real. So if any of you are reading this might take offense at this admittedly misanthropic entry, take leave now...

I always joke that I got my 'mid-life' crisis out of the way early. My 20's were pretty painful, with depression and flailing around and phobias and just general marginal living. But it also forced me to be very introspective, to confront my problems, and I hope I came out of it with a better understanding of myself.

So when I met Linda, I knew she was the one. The One.

Anyway, it seems to me that I'm seeing alot of carnage around here from Trophy Wives running amok. You've heard of the Old Wives Club? Well, the opposite is the Evil Wives Club.

Seems like there are guys who, instead of gracefully and comfortably growing into middle age, go out and get that little red sports car, and work out strenuously at the gym, and take up a dangerous new sport...and, yep, get that new little, younger wife.

Who has her eyes on bigger things. Bigger houses, more houses, why aren't we getting in on this once in a lifetime opportunity to get rich, rich, rich!!!

Leading to disaster, probably losing your life's work....and inevitably, the young wife as well.

Like I said, if there is such a thing as Karma (and I hope there is) then marrying a Trophy Wife is -- sometimes -- it's own Karma.

*****This one's going to get me in trouble, isn't it? Wait until you see tomorrow, might as well get the ego driven entries out of the way at the same time....****

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Quimby said...


Same experience here. 20's were a BITCH for me and wifey. Smooooth sailing in the later years and there is NO substitute for longevity in the marriage relationship.