Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Speaking of competition. I go shopping about once a year. Just not something I do. I will get a 200.00 gift cert. from Fred Meyer, buy a year's worth of wardrobe, and I'm done.

Went to Fred Meyer yesterday, and couldn 't find a thing I wanted to buy. Ended up using my gift cert. for groceries. All I can say is, thank god other people aren't like me, or I'd have no business.

Anyway, I can't even go into one of these places unless I go with my calm and collected wife. I feel completely overwhelmed, I can barely orient myself, and its seems to exhaust me. I could barely make it from the couch to bed last night, and an hour earlier than usual.

I probably need to go out more often.

Competition? There's no competition. The chainstores have won, and we little guys are being left with slim pickings. While at Costgo I saw 3 new bestsellers I wanted for my store, the latest Tony Hillerman mystery, THE SHAPE SHIFTER ; the latest Micheal Crichton, NEXT; and the latest Hiassen mystery, NATURE GIRL. The prices at Costgo were EXACTLY what I will have to pay my distributer, plus wait a few days. I almost bought them, then put them back. I have to put my money where my mouth is.

I've never spent a dime in Walmart or Target, and I never will. But my political thoughts were already developed before they came to town. Meanwhile, though, I have pretty much given up trying to convince people to support the little guys, because even I can't do it consistently.

I stood for 15 minutes looking at the Big Screen TV's at Costgo. If I ever pull the trigger, (and I think I've talked myself out of it for this year, because sales have been slow), it will be the first big purchase I've made in....I really can't remember anything else. But even the middle sized places like Radio Shack, McMahons, and Fred Meyer didn't have the really big, huge TV I've got my eyes on. My choices seem to be Best Buy or Costgo. I suppose, to be consistent, I should check with Johnson Brothers, or someone else local, but even I weary of the choices.

How can I blame my customers for doing the same thing?

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Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I know what you mean. I also hate to shop and I have small kids, so I hate it even more. I didn't do a drop of xmas shopping downtown this year because w/ the kids I can only hit two shops per day (before either they or I explode) -- I just don't have the time to peruse those stores & figure out what I might be able to get there and then go to the next store and hope something I want is there... I have to be more strategic. Also the downtown shops are so crowded w/ merchandise there's just no way I can keep an eye on the kids (to be sure they don't break anything) and look for presents at the same time.

Fred Meyer at least used to be Oregon-owned. Now I can't even feel decent about shopping there.