Saturday, December 23, 2006

A record sales day at the store, and a big sigh of relief. We are almost up to projections now, despite a horribly slow first half of the month. What is even more encouraging, is that so many of the sales are due to the changes I made in the store. I feel as though my changes have been validated. Hooray for me.

I'm also completely knackered. I have all of January (and February) to recoup, so just have to bull on through.

I've always felt the week after Christmas is more indicative of how the store is doing than the week before. People have their own money to spend, and if they spend it with you it's because they want to.

For a couple of weeks there I was thinking I'd just done one of my periodic blow-ups. You see, it only takes a day--a few minutes actually--to spend so much money, that it takes months and months of slogging to recoup.

All the logic in the world doesn't keep you from reacting emotionally. Personality trumps reason.

At the height of Napoleon's powers, he wrote a letter detailing all the reasons it would be folly to invade Russia. Later, when Russia dared to challenge his blockade of England, he got miffed, invaded Russia, and everything he detailed in his letter proceeded to happen. He knew, but he couldn't help himself.

So most of the time, I realize I'm probably making a decision based on feeling and intuition, and my logical reasons are there to rationalize what I wanted to do anyway.

I keep telling myself that one of these days I've got to grow up, keep a cold, beady eye on the bottomline, and try to actually make some money beyond the minimum wage thing. But then I get interested in doing something, and bang, I'm back to scrambling for money again.

I justify this to myself because I know that the reason I like to go to work everyday is because I allow myself the room to experiment and create. There are only two reasons to do something at the store; because it's fun, or because it make money. I have consistently chosen the former over the latter. Hence the title of my blog.

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