Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I was interviewed by a Bulletin reporter yesterday about the changes downtown. I don't want to step on her article by talking about that until it comes out. Never know what is going to be written about.

One last night of putting up shelving. I'm really sore this morning.

Used my new power saw yesterday. No matter how old I get, I still have kid tapes. I've always stayed away from power tools because I always have that worry in my head that I'll cut my fingers off, or something. It's my version of the CHRISTMAS STORY's , "You can't have a BB'll shoot your eye out!"

All that work, and the new shelves easily absorbed the excess inventory. It will takes weeks, even months, before the space is used most efficiently -- there is a intuitive, natural process of finding just the right spot for just the right product. In the meanwhile, it has forced me to move around a bunch of stuff, and so I'm hoping that some of it will get noticed.

All these changes, and all the new product, recharge my batteries. I'm enthused, I come to work thinking, "I really like my store. This is the store I wanted when I started." This is the closest that I've ever come to fully inventorying my store in every category. I'd love to have more room to display everything properly, but it requires alot of creativity to make do with the space you have. I find that there is almost always a solution if I think about it long enough.


LJ said...

Sounds like a bit of dream to me :-) and bully to you for working/living your dream

Duncan McGeary said...

It's a great job, except for, you know, the minimum wage part. This is a good time for the store, but there have been some HARD slogs....