Friday, July 26, 2019

Adventures in rehab.

Linda and I dropping some stuff off at the rehab place for brother-in-law Dave.

We're walking down the hall and a little old lady waves her hand at us from her bed and says, "Help!"

So we got get aide and continue on down the hall. We come out, and the lady is in a wheelchair near the door. "Hello!" she says brightly. "Will you take me somewhere?" She is looking out on the steep slope of the driveway as if yearning to escape.

"Ah, I don't think..."

"Sure!" says Linda, taking hold of the wheelchair and starting off.

"Ouch" the old lady says. "My foot wasn't ready."

"That's uh, why maybe why we shouldn't, uh..." I start.

"Yeah, drunk driver," the lady says and directs us down the hallway. We reach the nurses station and Linda looks at her inquiringly.

"These people won't do anything," the lady says. "Let's go back."

We get back where we started and I mutter, "I think we've been Shanghaied."

"Can you take me...?" the lady says, cheerfully.

Linda says gently, "We have to go see my brother. I don't work here."

" don't?" the lady says. (She knows.)

We try leaving, and Linda stops and starts putting numbers into the key panel. She keeps putting in three numbers. Another little old lady--and I do mean little, I joked about jumping over her--says, "It's four numbers dear. I can't reach it. They don't want us to escape."

We drive home, and I settle into my office chair and take a deep breath.

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Dave Cline said...

What a fun story. Granny plotting her infiltration of the outside world.