Friday, February 24, 2017

Finished "The Toad King" and I like it.

29363 words, versus 29298 words for "Said the Joker, To the Thief." Just under the wire. I doubt I'll submit it to Kindle Singles, though why not? Maybe I will. Once I've heard back on the first submission. It is a little odd that I haven't heard back. Mostly likely, it is lost in the system. I still think the odds are astronomical of it being taken on.

I'd hoped to start writing "Takeover" on the 1st, but Cameron is going to a comic con in Seattle for five days, so that means I have to wait until the 6th, and/or get started earlier. Dylan is too new to throw into the maw yet. I may see how he does on Saturday, since that is a day I'd rather avoid.

I'll see if I'm inspired over the next few days, stare at the screen and see if anything comes to me.

Was able to do my usual 4 mile walk yesterday for the first time in 2 1/2 months. Last winter I was waylaid only a couple of days, same with the year before.

It felt good, was more tired than usual, which makes sense. Heartrate got up to 120, when it usually peaks at 100. I'll have to see how long it takes to go back to normal.

But the great thing was, the ideas for the final chapter of "The Toad King" just started flowing. I sat down on one of the writing stumps and wrote some,  but it felt really clunky. Stopped writing and just gathered glimmers, went home and threw out what I'd written and started over.

Came spilling out and it was a satisfying climax.  Heh.

I like this world and the characters. I'm planning to write more of these novellas. Next up, I think, is the character of "Mother Sali" who is another favorite character.

But first up, the THRILLER.

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