Sunday, January 8, 2017

All right. Took out all the chapter headings and time tags. Only cut the wordage by about 700 words, which surprised me. Cut a few pages.

It looks and feels much cleaner.

Also restored the original chapter sequence, which reads much better.

I'm now hesitant to change much else. When I start messing with the plot that's where I get in trouble. I'll just try to clean it up when I do the final rewrite.

Spent the rest of yesterday entering in the writer's group critiques. So really, I'm going to be done with all the preliminaries by the 10th or so.

I'll start my rewrite then, get it done by February 1.

I'm going to send the first 3 chapters to some agents, wait until May 1, and then go ahead and publish it myself if I haven't gotten satisfactory replies.

Meanwhile, "I Live Among You" is scheduled to be released on February 1. Right after the ebook is up, going to set off on a journey to get an audio version done, narrated by Cameron Saunders.

So, I seem to be on track, if only for myself. 

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