Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trying to find my groove.

I can't seem to find my groove with Fairy Punk. Just started losing steam. Linda says I seem less enthused about this story.

But I do like the idea of the story, I just can't seem to find that entry point where I just get into it.

So I'm about halfway through. A dangerous place if I leave it. I've got at least 3 other books that I left halfway through, and I've never picked them back up again.

But is it healthy to force myself to finish a book I'm not feeling?

So...I'm going to try to finish it, but only if I can find my groove. So the rest of the month is about finding that groove.

I hit a roadblock halfway through Led to the Slaughter for instance, and unlocked it by doing POV through journals. So I need to figure out what POV I need, or what angle I need to take, to really feel it and get it.

Most of all, I need to feel it and see it. Right now, it feels muddled.

So...I have the rest of the day to write 3000 words. The rest of the day to try to find my groove.

It occurred to me that I was interested in the backstory. Not only that, but if I wrote out the backstory, I would be world-building and helping figure out the plot.

I was going to write full chapters, but then decided that I would have 500 words chapter headings of The Memoirs of Joseph Tindermaker. Tell the back store in short snippets. If that doesn't work, I can do more involved flashback chapters. But I'm hoping I can do the job this way.

Plus, I like being in the head of Joseph Tindermaker.

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