Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nerdly elitist. Star Wars, bleh.

There is something off-putting about the pervasiveness of Star Wars.

It is no longer mine, it no longer something special. It's about as special as McNuggets.

Everyone is both into it and weirdly blase about it. About as blase as anything else that is so widely available.

The movie will be one thing, it will be good or it will be bad or it will be something in-between. But the culture of Star Wars has been watered down to nothing.

I know this sounds weirdly nerdly elitist, but I can't help it. Bleh. 

I remember when Dark Horse did their first Star Wars comic years after the movies, but before the prequels. There were actually people who questioned it, other people who weren't aware of the comic for a long time. It could still slide under the radar. People fought over the toys, but it was the same people.

Now it is literally everyone. Everyone.

Even the prequels, as big as they were, still seemed more nerd than mass culture, though of course they were completely mass culture, but somehow they were still...different, special.

Nothing feels special this time. It's about as special as white bread and milk.

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Kevin said...

No, Star Wars isn't special anymore.
Used to be.

But now it is everywhere. Lucas started it by pimping out his creation and then remastering, re-editing, and repackaging the movies causing die hards to grab the new copies. Then the marketers got involved.

Hence Star Wars soup and cereal, boxes and bags,clothing, candy, cups and dishes, lip balm and bubble bath, Yoda potato chip bowls, inflatable Vader xmas decorations with the baddest villian in the world wearing a Santa hat. Eau de Dagobah perfume,tie ins with Peeps and M&Ms, SW Pepsi cans, and car commercials. Three different animated shows for kids and SW Legos. Chewbacca sells insurance now.Has your pizza been Jedi approved?

How can it be special when everywhere you look its used to shill for corporate America? Its no longer a great story for kids to dream about. Its a 200 million dollar commerial.60 minutes said the movie had to make at least 1.5 billion to be considered a success.

They are squeezing every merchandising penny out of it and thus, making it so common its yesterdays news. Been there, done that.

May the Force be with you yada yada yada..